My Storytelling

When participants leave one of my sessions, many ask me, “Where do all of your stories come from?” One of the most valuable parts of what I do is sharing stories that connect with audiences and inspire people to perform at a higher level.

I craft my stories based on my ideas of the Three Ps:

  • Paint – Using tools to paint a vivid picture of the story
  • Pause – Using an effective pause to build anticipation
  • Punch – Ending the story with a memorable, emotional punchline

My storytelling philosophy is based on my experience as a leader, facilitator, and storyteller in the corporate world. Using this three-step philosophy can help leaders and presenters develop stories that transport listeners, make emotional connections, and leave them with effective and motivating takeaways and action items.

I believe that storytelling is an effective leadership tool and the most valuable tool in a presenter’s toolkit.

Great leaders can use the art of storytelling to convey ideas and set expectations. A unique corporate culture can be established and maintained through stories that contribute to a company’s higher goals.

Great facilitators and presenters can use the art of storytelling to motivate and inspire their audiences. Adult learners need to feel motivated and engaged for learning to occur, and storytelling is an amazing tool to make that happen. In corporate training, using stories to teach company-instilled values and cultures is a way for participants to see the integral part they play in a larger picture.

Storytelling is a unique skill that can transform the classroom in a moment. A picture is painted and participants feel part of the learning in a deep and meaningful way. I believe that story has the power to focus learners, teach important lessons, and inspire learning at all levels.

Great storytelling allows adults to feel an emotional connection with their leader or facilitator. Moving the heart can change attitudes and perspectives. It is a great leader and facilitator who can bring leave adults excited to uphold values, spread knowledge, and make a difference in both their role and their place in the world.

(c) 2018, 2020 Craig Wingerson, Storyteller

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