My Work

I have designed and facilitated sessions for the hospitality and entertainment industry through my twenty years of experience in Central Florida as a Training Manager for the largest vacation destination in the world.

I have also been invited to speak for large and small audiences about my passion for guest service, effective servant leadership, and the power of storytelling.

My projects

I’ve been honored to design and teach opening team training for various operations, attractions, shows, resort hotels, and food & beverage locations in Central Florida. I’ve delivered training experiences that included dinosaurs, pirates, jungle skippers, ghosts, and, most recently, operations for the world’s most famous Mouse and the residents of Batuu in a Galaxy far, far away…

Career highlights

In 2003, I was chosen to be part of the Walt Disney World Resort Traditions program, facilitating the Day One Orientation program that used storytelling and personal experiences to educate new employees (Cast Members) on the history and culture of The Walt Disney Company.

Also in 2003, I was presented with the Partners in Excellence award, the lifetime achievement award for Walt Disney World Cast Members.

In 2014, I joined the Walt Disney World team whose sole focus was to facilitate and design training presentations around Walt Disney’s core operating philosophies, including stories of inspiration and motivation.

In 2019, I was honored to be the Keynote Speaker for the Texas Association of Literacy and Adult Education in Houston, Texas. I presented their keynote address, “Be My Guest: Modeling Service Skills in Adult Education,” as well as a breakout session, “Storytelling in the Adult Classroom.”

In 2020, I was proud to have welcomed my 25,000th class participant, representing an enormous milestone in my career!

(c) 2018, 2020 Craig Wingerson, Storyteller

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